About HelloSaarthi Educards

Learning is one of the essential parts of human growth, especially so for kids. It helps to develop them into successful individuals and achieve their desired goals. To this effect, children are expected to read books, attend schools and colleges, and listen to lectures, listlessly, generally without any choice or motivation. We are creating learning tools for kids that shall redefine the way things are learned. HelloSaarthi Educards is one such product.

HelloSaarthi Educards are an innovative, education-methodology that takes away the monotonous and boring aspects of education. They make learning a fun-filled activity that is sure to enrich their language, vocabulary and knowledge aspects. These Educards enable learning at learners comfort, pace and time. They amazingly make a new world pop up from these simple-looking thin card, when scanned and explored.

HelloSaarthi Educards- A Magic Wand in Kids Hand

Learning Disability

India is a developing country. Thus, its citizens and their life indexes are also developing. But, sadly the case of disabled individuals stands still at a bare minimum. As per the 2011 census, there exist more than 21 lakh disabled kids only between the age gaps of 0-6 years in our country. Combining all age groups together, there are more than 47 lakh kids with hearing impairments and another 42 lakh kids with eyesight issues. These are just symbolic numbers, as most of the cases go undetected and un-treated. The problem is acute and mostly ignored.

Scientific terms like dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and auditory and visual disorders, amongst others are still unheard of in these areas, let aside proper treatment. HelloSaarthi Technologies is a socially awakened organization that has developed affordable digital solutions for these individuals, in the form of ‘HelloSaarthi Educards’. These are augmented reality (AR) based cards that teach language skills, vocabulary, body language, yoga, meditation skills, traffic signals, amongst others in a very engaging manner. The learning is provided in the form of 3-dimensional images and videos that can be zoomed in and out, to create an overall inspirational and interactive learning environment. They self-learn and self-analyze their learning, without facing any kinds of social embarrassment. Learning is provided without books, without schools, without teachers. But, it ensures better efficiency and application for these special learners.

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Get Set Go

Welcome to the world of HelloSaarthi Educards. To enter this world you just need to take few steps;-


Download HelloSaarthi Educards app from Google Play Store and scan the QR code to activate the cards.


Place HelloSaarthi Educards in the play area and see alphabets and their related objects coming alive.


For augmented learning pinch two fingers to zoom in and out and rotate the object from your fingers.


Tap “Speak” for listening to the small description and tap “Spell” to know the name and spelling of the objects.


Augmented Learning

Kids learn alphabets in an interactive, immersive and self-engaging manner.

Learning Efficiency

Helps them to learn and understand their related objects better.

Learn More

Small description of objects are given to make learning more explorable and interesting.

Spell Check

Help kids to know the spelling of objects in an interesting way to expand their knowledge.


Optimum stress on the phonetics of the alphabets is involved to improve pronunciation.

Explorable Learning

Kids learn much-more about the objects by touching and interacting with them.

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