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Download HelloSaarthi EduCards app from Google Play Store and scan the QR code to activate the cards.

Scan the Card


Place HelloSaarthi EduCards in the play area and see alphabets and their related objects coming alive.

Expand Learning


For augmented learning pinch two fingers to zoom in and out and rotate the object from your fingers.

Speak & Spell


Tap “Speak” for listening to the small description and tap “Spell” to know the name and spelling of the objects.

About HelloSaarthi EduCards

Learning is one of the most essential parts of human growth, especially kids. It helps to develop them into successful individuals and achieve their desired goals. To this effect, children are expected to read books, attend schools and colleges, and listen to lectures, listlessly, generally without any choice or motivation. We are creating learning tools for kids that shall redefine the way things are learnt. Education can become more interesting for kids if they are somehow enabled to interact with the objects they are learning. HelloSaarthi EduCards are one such product.

They are Augmented Reality (AR) based flashcards that shall bring learning objects to life, for self-experiential and augmented learning. For example: A kid who has not seen a tiger before, but is made to learn T for tiger, may get uninterested and unmotivated. But, if T for Tiger starts roaring and walking in front of the kid, in a real-like manner, he is sure to get interested. He may actually end up learning much more about the tiger and its characteristics unintentionally. Augmented Reality in education is the next generation of knowledge transfer methodology that is interesting, interactive, innovative, effective and self-engaging.

HelloSaarthi EduCards - A Magic Wand in Kid’s Hand

About HelloSaarthi Educards

Our Products

Alphabets Cards

Alphabets Cards

We have created Augmented Reality based A-Z alphabet cards for easy and effective learning of toddlers. They are 26 alphabet cards for kids aged 3+ years. They shall motivate, attract their little minds towards augmented learning in an interactive and self-engaging manner.

Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita

We have launched the Bhagavad Gita in AR, for all age groups. Lord Krishna will come alive in a real-like form and provide his teachings as well as answer questions pertaining to the right and wrongs of living skills to cultivate moral and cultural values.

Periodic Table

Periodic Table

These element cards are for kids aged 11+ years of age, parents and teachers who intend to learn and teach chemistry. It’s an AR Lab defining 3D atomic structure, chemical reactions, interaction with other chemicals is shown in a non-hazardous environment.

Vedic Cards

Vedic Cards

Our Vedas and their teachings form the basis of good-living skills and hold true even to this day. We have created Vedic Cards for the revival of this invaluable Vedic knowledge into the present day theories and lives in Sanskrit as well as various other languages .


Interactive Learning

Augmented Learning

Kids learn alphabets in an interactive, immersive and self-engaging manner.

Learning Efficiency

Learning Efficiency

Helps them to learn and understand their related objects better.

Learn More

Learn More

Small description of objects are given to make learning more explorable and interesting.

Spell Check

Spell Check

Help kids to know the spelling of objects in an interesting way to expand their knowledge.



Optimum stress on the phonetics of the alphabets is involved to improve pronunciation.

Explorable Learning

Explorable Learning

Kids learn much-more about the objects by touching and interacting with them.

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